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Call Tadhg or Robin on +353 1 4428130 and Let's get your website live now!"

About getting a website live in 48 hours

Quick Website is for Small Businesses or Freelancers who wish to spend time driving their business instead of spending time designing and building a website.

Mobile browsing is expected to overtake desktop browsing by 2014. Quick Website is optimised for the mobile phone (Resize your browser to a narrow width simulating a phone, and watch the content of this webpage adjust). The phone with its limited screen space helps us focus on the most important content for a website.

One clear time killer when it comes to website creation is the search for stock images which hope to represent your unique selling proposition, brand or business values. Forget this illusive perfect set of images and simply use a typographic tagline or strapline to communicate what it is your business does and who it appeals to.

The Quick Website philosophy is based on keeping a design minimal and professional looking. You could spend thousands of euro building an all-singing and all-dancing website and wasting your money, but why not put this time and money into marketing and promoting your business.

You can update your Quick Website content yourself by using a password protected control panel.

Call Robin or Tadhg on 353 1 4428130 for more information on the Quick Website